Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Boys are Back in Town

 Joe and Szeto hit me up last minute that they were in LA for a wedding, so I dropped everything I had planned (which was nothing) and arranged an epic MES!  (Max Efficient Saturday) like old times.

With the help of Jimmy, I was able to take them to some unique LA places.

First stop - Royal/T in Culver City for the brunch and art.  We order some blossoming tea and watched it expand before our eyes. I'm a bit bummed that this place is closing down, but hopefully it reopens soon in a bigger and better location.

I set the camera down for a group photo.  Joe and Szeto didn't know the camera was wide angle.

Silly boys.

Luckily there was an amazing exhibit at The Moca / Geffen Contemporary called Transmission LA: AV Club, which featured 16 contemporary artists.  The exhibit "will illustrate how audio and visual art forms complement and influence each other, through various exhibitions, concerts, DJ nights, performances, and installations."

These wind-powered spirals spun continuously making for a mind fuck experience. - "multilayered installation of spinning pinwheels, partly inspired by the “Hypnagogic state,” that blissful moment between being awake and dreaming."

Quick espresso break.

We found ourselves in a room full of dozens of projectors which created a race track illusion.

There was so much movement and color.  The sounds of a race car buzzed in the background while an emerging sun/moon would appear from the projected horizon.  Every corner of the room animated in this piece entitled "Roadtrip"

Szeto rocks on.

We had fun with this room pretending to be electric controlling mutants. Neon lines.

This colorful picnic area was set up for the Kogi truck / free Diplo concert.  That thing sold out in 3 seconds.

Group nap and they were off to their party.  Quick and efficient!  Until next time!

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