Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Once Upon a Time...

Charles gave us literally 5 days after coming back from Asia to plan his conveniently themed Disney birthday.  Challenge accepted.

First, decorations:

Enchanted forest and Tron Stairway Entrance
Hunky Heros Corner and Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Mulan Mirror and Cinderella Mirror with suicide writing


Ariel's Grotto
There was also Nightmare Before Christmas Balcony, Princess Save Me Staircase and Peter Pan's London-view Window.  If we had more time, we would have hung Rapunzel's hair out the window.  There was little Pixar aside from a Wall-E on our trash can and Finding Nemo in our toliet.

Second, drinks:
Under the Sea: Hypnotic, Vodka, Champagne, Lime Juice
Poison Apple: Apple Vodka, Vinilla Vodka, Apple Liquor, Half and Half
The Great Wall: Beer, Lemonade, Plum Wine, Rose Water, Passion Fruit Juice

Third, Costumes:
Modern Mickey, hobo Ariel (folks kept calling me Poison Ivy), Chim chimney, and Pinocchio (who falls without his strings)

Maybe it was a bad idea to get most of my costume from the dollar store.  The red "wig" made me look like my weave was broke and ghetto ... like I just got out of a drag queen fight and LOSt and the princess dress made for 8 year olds pressed really tight on my tummy making me look like a potato... at least my shell bra was even.

Ride the magic carpet!! Everyone!  Put down your cigarette Cruella de Vil

Fourth, Cake for Princess Charles

And of course a photobooth! More creativity people! I know we're reaching our late 20's/early 30s/mid 40s, but don't be scared to wear some body paint.

OOo and a Disney Puzzle challenge

Happy Birthday Charles.  I'm glad you had a Magical Time.

...stay young and silly

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Effin awesome!