Sunday, May 13, 2012

February Recap

Valentine's Day

Jimmy and I have made it a tradition to eat hot pot for Valentine's day.  For any American holiday (Father's Day, Mother's Day) it only makes sense to go somewhere no white American would be.  That means avoiding all popular American restaurants (Cheesecake Factory, Umami Burger) where something special means something stressful.  Instead we hit up Asia town.  Two second wait and we began our epic personal hot pot meal at Boiling Point.  The pots sizzled and we were reintroduced to wonderful Taiwanese flavors.  My love for you is represented in the steam rising from these mini fire hazards. One House Special and one Curry Fishball - delicious, flavorful,  perfect date.

Gingerbread House Making

I love these activities.  I've hosting Easter egg decorating, pumpkin carving, dumpling making... let's do something other than watch tv and go to the same fucking bars.  Though it gets exhausting when I feel like we're the only one's looking for interesting things to do.

Though late, we finally made gingerbread houses from our WalMart kit.  A colorful diaster, but rewarding.  Sean admitted, "i called you guys because I knew you'd have something interesting to do."  Yes.. yes. we do.  Wholesome times experiencing a childhood that we're quickly growing away from.

Chinatown Adventure

Okay okay.  I make my friends sound like users, but they do come up with some interesting things.  David posted a gallery opening he wanted to check out on his facebook in Chinatown which became an epic Saturday evening chilling and making small talk at Mountain Bar, dancing in the street and saying hi to Macy Gray (who i spotted.)  Large turn out, great weather and something definitely amazing.

February 2012 is now closed!!!!

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