Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sarang Gay

In in effort to continue our exploration of racially offensive themed parties, we hosted a Gay Korean themed party back in February for Andrew and Charles.

Sarang Gay is a play on "Saranghae" which is Korean for "I love you"... and with all the soju pouring in from our friends (you cheap fucks) ...we really felt the love that night.  It's like 2 bucks for each bottle.  Mix it calpico and you got a group of drunks in 10 minutes.

Thanks Andrew for wearing a traditional hanbok which I must say isn't very flattering to the woman figure.

This is how I decorate - random Korean characters and Tae Yang.  Done.

Set up the Karaoke

Arrange Korean snacks like banchan..

Do Korean bombs with beer and coke

And set up a photobooth:

Lots of props and if you noticed.. a sexy kpop wig

I hope everyone had a good time.. ended the night at a late night Korean restaurant.  I wonder if the servers thought that wig was my real hair.

Learn korean in 15 minutes!

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