Saturday, March 24, 2012

Grindr Friendship

My grindr profile reads:

Looking to explore hidden LA.
For easy going friends.  Echo Park resident.

And I mean it!

Gay Coworker: Does your bf know you're on grindr?
Me: Yes, he's on it too
Gay Coworker: Why?
Me: Dunno to see who's gay around me.  Plus it's all for friends anyway
Gay Coworker: But it's really not

Gay Coworker has a point.  (BTW, I'm discovering my company likes hiring gays.)  Most people aren't on grindr JUST for friends, there's always some sort of sexual interest.  Whether you act on it or not depends on how loyal you are to your boyfriend.  I rationalized, "it's like interactive porn."  But like porn - just look, don't touch and of course watch it together if you want.

But then read this profile above "Not here to hook-up."  Then... why are you showing off your greek god abs?  I should submit this to Douchebags of Grindr. I really don't get why there so much contradiction in the gay community.  I guess we are just unable to admit the reality of our own true motives.  And it's more appealing when the dude isn't such a blatant hoe. "Just looking for friends huh...?  That's hot."

Even if you're really just looking for friends.  It's usually attractive friends so you (the inclusive you) block the uglies.  Why does it matter?

The contradiction!!!!  *DEAD*  Our "Community" #ashamed

The other day, someone on Grindr texts me:  IM JUST LOOKING FOR FRIENDS TOO!  Without looking at his pic, I give him my screenname and we chat a little bit at work where I find out the following:

  • He works in the same industry
  • He recently had a chat with my VP
  • He's going to the LGBT Film Festival
  • He walks his dog

And he logs off.  Perfect.  Another candidate to shirk my already small gaysian world.  I think if I were in a straight relationship, this would not fly, but I think that we're gay, we're social, we're always trying to build a family because we've felt so outcasted growing up.  And any medium that offers that is utilized - (or maybe that's just me being an extrovert).  I've made friends through youtube, downelink, Grindr and met Jimmy by finding his Tumblr.  So there, I made a potential friend, but forgot his name and was too busy stressing about life to really indulge in any conversation.

So can you chat platonically on Grindr?  Yes.

...does that mean I will I meet up with this randO?  Not unless he knows something about LA that I don't... and that's my motive (#user).  And I'm bringing Jimmy because we've come to a point in our relationship where we replaced the pronoun I with WE.  (or maybe that's a bad idea). Maybe I'll invite him to a 321 party and see him stir the pot.  I love bringing new faces to my circle and watching my single friends jump on them like starving vultures.

Grindr is useful.  I encourage all gay friends to just be on it... like the Mutant Registration Act.


Found an interesting gaysian, Justin Huang who writes for huffington post:

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the immigayrant said...

"like the Mutant Registration Act"
Hahaha! I like that!