Friday, December 30, 2011

9th Annual Ignia Christmas Party

Though it was planned very last minute, it all worked out!

Aaron brought amazing wine and cheese from Italy!  Folks brought drinks and sweets.  Check out Sandy's mohawk on the left.

Celebrated with some drinks.  Tried Orange and Cinnamon instead of Lime and Salt for our tequilla shots.

Took a constitutional around the neighborhood.

Exchanged Secret Santa through

I gave my elementary piano books to Linda's daughter - if she becomes a prodigy, I get half.

We always have one gift that was have a lot of fun with.  This year it was the Statue of David bike shorts and apron.

Stockings, Face Masks and Home Made Tshirts
Temporary tattoos

We tried to reenact the photo from our 1st annual christmas party in 2003 by wearing something similar.

Lots of hair differences!  My face has rounded out, but I think it looks better than my original twink look that I had originally.  Oh yeah and I jumped on that NEON Corona light immediately!

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