Monday, August 29, 2011

A Tea for Every Need

Sa-Rang Tang (Lover's Tea) - Recommended for couples, potential couples or those looking

Hwa Sun Ji Tea & Coffee had a tea for every need.  Too much pubic hair? There's a tea.  Need a raise?  There's a tea.  Allergic to tea?  There's a tea for that too.

The tea came with these little treats.  We opted to sit in the traditional section which was a bit of a challenge for my western legs because sitting "indian" wasn't very comfortable.  I kept moving around as if I had a nightmare during midsleep.  There's Sam enjoying his tea like the old Chinese lady that he is.

How does that dessert look?  Want a closer look?

Yelp says this place is one $, but really it's $$.  Come on.  It's hot water with leaves.  But this voodoo tea must have been imported because suddenly I had a better sense of direction after having a cup of 6 dollar tea.


Luuworld said...

Hey, who's that hunk in the first pic (besides you that is) the guy w the glasses, striped t shirt i HOT!

letopho said...

hehe that's Erik. My roommates boyfriend. :P

He's indo. mmmmm