Sunday, August 28, 2011

Los Angeles Blogs

After scouring CBS Los Angeles' Most Valuable Blogger Awards 2011 nominations, I found 3 awesome blogs that I want to investigate.

Plate by Plate 
There are tons of food blogs out there and the ones that attract me have posts to places that I would actually go to.  This blog did a review on Wicked Spoon in Las Vegas which is where we celebrated Ern's bday and Chego which has been on my to-do list.  Also, the pictures are amazing, it makes my mouth salivate just skimming through the blog.  The one downside is that there doesn't seem to be a category for Vietnamese food.  Get on that buddy.

White on Rice
This cute interracial couple posts some really good entries about travel and general life.  I'm most impressed with the pages and pages of Vietnamese recipes.  Vietnamese food has never looked better.  Can you see that I'm a little biased here?  I guess I'm looking to connect with bloggers.

"Eclectic things to do for $10."  Looking through LAWeekly Events and Yelp Events are overwhelming and tiring because of all the content.  Though those two sites is where we discovered the LA Pillow Fight, Musique Boutique and Masala Beat Club.  On a weekly basis LAaLALand posts a handful of interesting things to do Friday thru Sunday that don't involve much money.  I read a couple of options and realized that everything they listed is something that I would be down to do.  Some bloggers list things not so eclectic such as Spas, Sample Sales and Wine tasting... sorry I'm looking for lower middle class activities.

I was amused that a handful of nominations were MOM blogs like So You Think You Can Mom.  I guess CBS has an affinity towards moms.

Ugh, I'm so overwhelmed with all these blogs I want to catch up on.

Other blogs:
Eastsider LA is where I get my local news like - shootings, park renovations and missing pets in my neighborhood.

365 LA - her goal is to list something different to do in LA for each day of the year.  A lot of her posts involving hiking.

Should I venture to the 2010 blog nominations? MMM Maybe I should cook dinner instead.  Was thinking of making Black Metal Vegan Pad Thai:

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