Sunday, August 14, 2011

Interest in Death

After fronting $18 dollars to watch Final Destination 5 in 3D, I browsed the Final Destination Wiki until 4 in the morning.

Re-watching the deaths and reading up on "death's clues."

I checked out the Final Destination montage from Daily What:

And I'm hooked on this Saved by the Bell, Final Destination Music Video.

Final Destination 5 was amazing.  The film was less campy and focused on better special effects.  The death scenes looked real.  There was also some character development that was somewhat lacking in the movies prior.

Then Jimmy showed me this:

Last night, the Indiana State Fair Stage Collapsed during a Sugarland Concert.  5 dead, 40 Hospitalized due to high gust of winds.  The video in HD above makes it look like a scene from the movie series.  High gust of winds was also the explanation behind the first death scene in the movie.

Were there any real life cues that could have helped these 5 people survive? Watch this video full screen, it's unbelievable.

I wrapped some frayed wires in my room with electrical tape.  I'm assuming that the currently Victorian house that I'm living in will not survive an earthquake.  Though if it's my time to go... there's little that I can do to escape it no matter how cautious I am.

Which I guess is the point of the series.

And there's nothing scarier than an old Chinese woman coming at you with an acupuncture needle in 3D. 


Update: now I'm reading Lists of Unsual Deaths off wikipedia!

  • 2010: Jenny Mitchell, a 19-year-old English hairdresser, was killed when her car exploded after fumes, caused by chemicals mixing with hydrogen peroxide leaking from a bottle of hair bleach, ignited as she lit a cigarette.[197]
  • 2010: Vladimir Ladyzhensky, a competitor from Russia, died in the World Sauna Championships in Finland after he had spent six minutes in a sauna that had been heated up to 110 °C (230 °F).[198]
  • 2010: Jimi Heselden, owner of the Segway motorized scooter company, was killed when he accidentally drove off a cliff on a Segway at his estate and drowned in the River Wharfe.[201]
  • 2011: Jose Luis Ochoa, 35, died after being stabbed in the leg at a cockfight by one of the birds that had a knife attached to its limb.[204]
  • 2011: Arthur Sexton, 80, drowned after falling off a step ladder and landing upside down in a water butt containing only a couple of feet of water.[205]
  • 2011: Janet Richardson, 73, died after being taken ill on board a cruise ship off the coast of Norway. Whilst being transferred to a lifeboat she was accidentally dropped into the sea and spent several minutes in near-freezing waters before being rescued and flown to hospital where she later died.[206]
  • 2011: Acton Beale, 20, died after falling from a balcony in Brisbane, Australia, the only person known to have died while participating in a fad known as 'planking'.[207]
  • 2011: A 25 year old woman from Ottawa, Ontario and Steven Leon, 40, of Gatineau, Quebec, died after an airborne American black bear smashed through the windshield of their SUV Near Luskville, Quebec. The bear had been hit by another vehicle, launching it into the oncoming lane where it landed on the SUV.[208]
  • 2011: Sheila Decoster, 62, died from asphyxiation after falling head first into a recycling bin at her home in Toledo, Ohio.[209]

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