Monday, August 15, 2011

Exploring Western Korean Life

Jimmy and I were feeling sluggish and decided to step out of the house at 10:30 PM in search for some life.  Driving through 3rd, I felt the blending of borders as Mexico met Korea.  Where lavander√≠a met karaoke.

Western from Beverly to 8th street is a hodgepodge food, night life and retail.  If I'm ever bored in LA, I just pick a random neighborhood and explore it by foot.  And this is what I found by just walking around aimlessly on a Sunday Night.

A Titanic Themed Restaurant called Cafe Jack.  Yes... named after Jack Dawson from the movie.  And how is it themed?  Well... it's in the shape of a boat of course.  No matter how much I drove pass this place, I would have never noticed it unless I walked because it was tucked behind some smaller structures.

We didn't eat here though because I wanted boba and chicken.  And this place only had seafood and desserts. But we're coming back!

Down the street was Boba Bear which was our original destination, but it was just too cold in the room that were seating in.  Boba Bear is where high school Koreans smoked hookah into the night while playing cards.  Wasn't it feeling it, so we kept walking.  But the smell of sweet hookah woke me up.

Next door was Feng Mao 2 - Lamb Kabobs.  I've been here before with Jimmy and Sam.  Each skewer was a dollar something and you cook it yourself above a charcoal set up at each table.

And then next to that was Pho 4000 which is Viet owned.  Free egg rolls with two orders of Pho and I was just informed that they offer Kobe Beef pho.  Trying that out is on the to-do list.

All these places were great, but they weren't what we were looking for.  Western is so well lit, that it was hard to tell what was open.  We kept walked and stumbled upon a night club.

Well not a night club, but another Korean coffee shop, but this time with a high ceiling, pop music videos playing on the walls and pastries in cases.  And even though it was 11PM on Sunday, there were folks coming in and out.  Housewives just chatting, kids playing with their Photobooth on their Macbooks, couples talking about important things.  It was mind boggling what was going on this street that I didn't know about.

Iota Coffee and Bakery was exactly what we were looking for, though the kitchen had closed and we couldn't order k-style chicken wings, we managed to grab the last Cajun Mint Chicken Pie and Curry Beef pie to go with our Peachade and Strawberry slush.

Success. Sunday Funday even late at night.

On July 29, Jimmy and I explored the other end of Western starting with 8th street at the Koreantown Plaza - which is just a Westfield mall, but with Korean stores.  We had the most fun looking at the Music store.  Everything else was typical - clothing, books, groceries.

With this CD comes a face spritzer... you know, so when you over heat looking at these guys... you can cool down.

And some of these hairstyles are just questionable.  Laughed at this for a good minute.
There was also this amazing food court with this place called Tonkatsu House that served Katsu as big as your face.

Back near Wilshire is the CVG Cinemas where they play Korean and American movies both with respective subtitles.  I love this idea.  I can picture the Korean grandparents and Asian American grandchildren enjoying a movie together because the cross generational language barriers had been broken.

Ended the adventure with some desserts at Haus.  Really overpriced - 8 dollars for "flavored tea" and 7 dollars for this ice cream dish. Made no sense.

But they have mastered service with this call button.  Mind blown once again.

And I wonder what these Real Housewives of Koreatown are talking about.  But chu know.... they arent housewives, they look like ball crushing business womyn... of Ktown.

So much more to explore.

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mich said...

love seeing the exploration! i wish there was a cafe jack in dc.