Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vietnamese Films

I just finished watching Passport to Love (Chuyen Tinh Xa Xu) off netflix and I was blown away by the American style screenplay and cinematography.

In my mind, the only form of Vietnamese entertainment that I knew of was bad music videos, variety shows and classic Viet songs sung over and over by new artists.  After watching this film that was released in 2009, I am left speechless.

It was a chick flick, Korean drama with a tinge of Vietnamese and Vietnamese American humor and cultural references.

There were sex scenes, references to the new generation Vietnamese American experiences and superb acting.  Any Vietnamese individual who watches would be blown away since Vietnamese film is a strange idea.

You can watch the movie for free off IMDB: 

I looked up the director Victor Vu and found that he directed the Vietnamese film Spirits, which is a horror movie that I own and some new stuff such as Battle of the Brides and Inferno recycling actors.  Apparently there are only 10 actors in Vietnam and Inferno got some heat for being a shocking replica of another film.  Read comments.

Another film I want to check out is Saigon Electric. I don't know much about this movie, but I was introduced to it at the Asian American Film Festival.

The appeal is the focus of Vietnam's youth and dance culture.  Something that I was also not aware of even though I took some hip hop classes in Saigon when I was there some years back.  Check out the trailer here.

I'm just waiting for it to come out on DVD since I missed the screenings.

A week ago, I got check out Krunk Fu Battle Battle which featured Lawrence Kao from Kaba Modern.  The musical performance took place in Brooklyn.  It was about a boy who moves to the hood where he has to dance battle a bboi bully in order for him to stay on campus.  This involves a girl, a best friend and an overworked mom.  Great dancing, rapping and singing from the actors.  With a handful of cuties... mmm Matt Tayao.

I love Asian American film and theater!

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Luuworld said...

wow! thanks for sharing- just looking at the movie posters, i would love to check out both films! the only internationally released viet films i know are really good but a bit artsy fartsy (made by french-viet director tran anh hung). i would love to see some mainstream films!