Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Night Thoughts

Difficult to Create
My entries have become infrequent because it's become strangely difficult to create.  Tumblr is killing by brain cells as I'm achieving short term amusement by just scrolling and reblogging others' creations.  It's endless.

I'm scared if I get a tablet, my consumption will grow, my creation continue to deplete.  We had an amazing Yard Sale back in April that I wanted to post, but going through the album of 200 photos is not as appealing as looking at amusing GIFs.

Improv Disaster
During an amateur improv show, an actress during an anecdote admitted that she made herself throw up after she accidentally had some pork in her scrambled eggs at a restaurant.  This was on her honeymoon and she was strangely proud that she had will power to make herself vomit on command.

I would say this is a deal breaker.  Just me? 

Another actress admitted that she went to a school of prevliedge and that her classmates didn't know what a Target was because they had someone to do their shopping for them.

And finally, another chick told a story where she found this joke incredibly amusing when she was younger - "Why can't Chinese people be on American Gladiator?  Because they are Chinese!!!!"  My Asian American friend who was a part of the troop was forced to act this out.

The topper was this one improv skit about "Cancer Boot Camp."  It was in very poor taste.

But you know, Improv is hard.. but the characters on stage were definitely more interesting than the characters they were trying to make up on the spot.


Bhangra Night
"I love world dance."
"I thought it was interesting, so I decided to come out!"

Faith in my friends has been restored.  I found a Bhangra/Bollywood dance night down the street and tried to get my friends to go via Facebook.  Hoping, praying that they would like to venture off from FUCKING West Hollywood. And to my excitement, I was able to gather 6 of my friends to do something worth doing.

Though one of them was clueless, coming with shorts and no ID.  Really?

We found ourselves at Medusa lounge watching South Asians dance and imitating them.  We weren't the only non - Indians so we felt comfortable.  The energy was amazing, I kicked so many people and I think I screwed in about 200 air-light bulbs mocking Bhangra dance.  I was worried that screw the lightbulb, pet the dog dance move would offend people, but the fact is.. have fucking fun on the dance floor... no one cares.

Thank you thank you thank you for coming with me on an adventure worth talking about.  Pictures to come... some time.

Though, I felt like an idiot trying to order Lassi Bombs.  The bartenders had no clue what I was talking about, but I swear I found that on the event post somewhere.  Oops.

My button up was drenched with sweat.  What a work out.

Just a Taste
After partying, I had word vomit.

"Yeah, I would fuck a white guy, but not date them."  I guess to me, I just wanted some cultural connect to bring home to my family... and by dating someone of the same race... it cuts the education, but before I could explain the white friend in car jumped in.

"I find that so offensive.  I encountered that so many times in Korea... I feel like such an object.  To be tasted... and not datable, but I'll let that slide Chris because I think you're drunk."

I was silenced and awkward because I wasn't aware of my surroundings.  As an Asian - I always felt like the victim in these situations where white people would exotify Orientals.  But this was something reverse that I was unprepared for.

"Don't Asians in Asia worship white people?"  I was trying to spin the conversation.
"In a sense, yes.  But that's it... white people as a trophy...  but at the end of the day, no one wants a relationship.. they just want to 'try you' then move on."

Yes, I felt like a dick.  But it was in interesting perspective that I needed late in the night.

Working for my Baby
Jimmy looked at some old sheet music.  "Yeah.. they wanted $17 for this sheet music.  It doesn't merit $17."  He left the used bookstore.  I walked up to the cashier.

"When are you guys gonna have a sale on the sheet music?"
"Um... to be honest, those things are overpriced."
"Well, I can make you a deal."

He offered me the collectibles for $10 and told me not to keep it between him and I and I walked out the store and handed my winnings to Jimmy.  "I was able to bargain."

Jimmy's been kissing me non stop on the cheeks the entire day.

I could have easily given $17 to the cashier, but I worked to get a deal.  Jimmy would have felt bad that I spent so much.  I think... the difference is like buying your boyfriend an expensive dinner vs. cooking him one.

Sometimes I'm Selfish
A while back, I hurt Jimmy.  I remember his face, "I was so lonely" he admitted to me when I essentially abandoned him.  His facial expression was so vivid in my head.  He wasn't mad, upset.. he was feeling ONE thing and that was hurt.  I've never seen such a frown and all I could do at that moment was curl in a ball because I felt so terrible.

I dunno, I cried into my pillow for a little bit next to him apologizing for making him feel that way.  It's so easy to hurt someone you care so much about.

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mich said...

what exactly about that girl was a dealbreaker? i agree it's weird... but wanna hear your reasoning.