Friday, June 17, 2011

Eat Beforehand!

Mich asks - What exactly about the girl [from my last entry]  makes her posses deal breaking qualities?

Like my frustration with Dance Remixes, vegetarians/vegans also lead to me to want to slam my face against an open stapler.

Here is why in a handful of obnoxious comments that I would say under my breath:

"I'm sorry you can't eat anything at my BBQ, GTFO"
"Oh, you're disgusted that there's blood on my steak? here's a doggy bag"
"We can't go to this restaurant that the group has agreed on because they don't have any veggie options? Lets make this easier, you're uninvited"

If you're gonna have dietary handicaps, be polite about it and simply do one thing: EAT BEFORE HAND.

The girl from the improv exudes the exact qualities that I find annoying, ridiculous and frustrating in vegetarians.  She made herself throw up because she was sickened by the food in front of her.  WOW.  Psychotic.

As a cook, I would appalled and offended and would have escorted her out my restaurant. 

If you decide that you want to provide a point, be a better person, save a cow from abusive raising... by all means, but don't do it at the account of the people around you.  The food is already in your mouth, swallow it.. drink [mineral] water... move on.

I personally don't view vegans/vegetarians as heroes.  I my mind they are obnoxious people who feel think that they are better than others because of whatever they are trying to "prove/save."

STFU and eat your tofu alone at your home before you join our protein heavy meal. 


Woman says she’s too ‘educated’ to be kicked off New York train

Along the same lines - a vegetarian who thinks they are too "humane" to eat meat.  So much sense of entitlement. 

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