Saturday, June 18, 2011

321 Yard Sale

Ern really wanted to have a yard sale, so we dragged all junk from the house and put it out on the side walk for sale.  I put up signs and hung streamers along two large metal beams that eventually fell on someone's head with a large gust of wind.  (Lawsuit).  The guy was very disgruntled.

It was a fair success.  Our street isn't particularly busy, but we were able to sell some random items.  I was amused when our friends stopped by and bought things off each other.  I think that was a part of Ern's vision.

Echo Park's Urbancook aka, our friend Eric also set up a stand to sell his famous mexi-asian pulled pork butt on baked potato with cilantro.  Eric is one of my favorite types of vegetarians - he doesn't eat meat, but he cooks it like a pro.  This stuff is amazing.

I was really amused when the whole thing just turned into one big kick back with our friends on our stoop.  And kick backs lead to "modeling."

The highlight was this Vietnamese lady clad in bright floral who basically schooled Ern and myself when she took all our merchandise for $.25.  Ern would give a price and she would respond sharply, "NOooooo, Toooo muchhhhhhh" and then suggest aggressively a more "appropriate price" which was usually HALF of what we were asking.  We folded.  She was scary.

Ern had one chance to get his dignity back and said NO when she wanted the hanger.  She had to have the last say though:

She told him to put the hanger away if he wasn't going to give it to her for free.  She got her just desserts when she was rummaging through our free bin and inadvertently sprayed herself in the face with old windex.  Wish I had that on video.

Taking a break
Obligatory group shot
It was a nice day.  We left all the junk we didn't want in the streets (following suit of our Mexican neighbors.)  And in 2 hours everything was gone.  Everything else we stacked in the hallway where it sits... forever.  The money we made went to some of the house bills, but a lot of it sits in a jar somewhere.

Hey Erik,

Some of this shit in the hallway is yours.  Mind donating it somewhere??  Hello?  Okay fine, enjoy your pork butt...... hate chu.

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Anonymous said...

luv yur blog.... i know yur probably tired of people hitting on your friends but since your already your friend with the poofy hair in the p-coat wearing what looks like acid wash jeans available? :)