Sunday, February 28, 2010

After 6 Rihannas

Partied pretty hard last Thursday at an event.

Red carpet in Hollywood? Why not?
Celebrity Cocktails? Why not?
Open bar? 6 Rihanna's please.

They had live body painting. It was the Garden of Eden theme.

The Venue was called "My House." Here is the "kitchen" and then the "living room." Upstairs was the VIP room with the "bedroom." I think it's more of a mansion than a house.

I love it when colors match. We were feeling really green and purple.

Girls have so much hair. *GAY FACE!*

The team said that my goal to get 4 numbers that night. With the help of those Rihanna drinks, I manage to get some business cards. Smooze smooze, booze booze. More confident at straight clubs...

Thanks for the good time pretentious LA... so trendy.

Still the first one to work Friday morning, BOOO YEAH.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's Just Catchy.

What's the difference between K-Pop Girl Groups and K-Pop Boy Groups??

-Hair, Same
-Movements, Same
-Makes me wish I was straight, Same.

Was at Rage on Friday because my roommate guilt-tripped me... and drove me... and I had no choice cuz I was already in the car from a performance. (Amazing! Will blog about it later when Jimmy supplies pictures).

"Let's get fresh air Chris..." I was led to the patio and quickly turned around. Crowded and smells like cancer *scared*... so I ran upstairs and took a nap on the lounge chairs.

Best nap of my life on one of the lounge couches, thankful they didnt kick me out. Those fuckers are mean.

Sweet vag

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is what vag looks like.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I spent an hour trying to write something about being a realist when it comes to developing relationships, but I wasn't able to really articulate.

Talking to Will and reading this entry from a tumblrer, made me realize that I shouldn't be so unwilling to believe that something so beautiful can happen... and that I should stop hiding behind being a "realist- appreciating honesty" and return to being an optimist despite the endless accounts and examples of the incapability to commit. It is a lot of work to get there, but it's worth it.

Living in technicolor - this is what he had to say.

It’s something a lot of people can relate to. The idea that past romances (or failed attempts at them) leave us incomplete people. That our negative experiences and fallen expectations make us skeptical, hesitant, guarded and scared.

I can certainly attest to that feeling, especially during my years in college when I was starting to come out after a failed high school crush attempt. There’s a certain entitlement that comes with such self-martyrdom, that in the grander karma of the universe, you deserve your share of happiness. You deserve someone that can reinvigorate that hope for a future of love and security because you had been wronged. You want the new experiences to fill the gaps of desire and heartbreak. It became an expectation that made me feel lonely and, at times, desperate.

What I sometimes see (or think I see) as retaliation against all this is a relaxation of expectation and obligation. Friends with benefits. Fuck buddies. We’re just dating. An open relationship. The idea is that one enjoys the frills of being in a relationship without the emotional baggage of love, fidelity and expectation. I always looked at those things with skepticism. I can’t imagine enjoying that kind of time with someone
without some sort of attachment developing. At the same time, I think that the thought of that much freedom scares me a little.

Maybe we’re all damaged. Gay or straight. It’s all part of growing up, losing your innocence and realizing what the world is like. Maybe the answer is simply personal perseverance and time. Still, trying to hide the hurt with a defensive and/or lackadaisical exterior won’t help. Our expectations may have been wrong in the past but there’s hope in them, as long as you’re still open to being damaged again.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wifebeaters in Suspenders

But really. It's Monday ...

The only statement we're making is the one you're thinking.

These gogo dancers didn't know how to dance to Missy Elliot.. they just looked constipated. Someone cue the bad house music, these boys are starting think about rhythm.

. Yeah Mustache Mondays! Felt good to be a character instead of an observer.

A guy I met at our Kick Back said that the evening he spent with us dispelled all his negative thoughts about LA. I asked him where he lived.

He said the west side. *boooo HISSSSS booooo!!!!*

Sorry man, I used all my valet parking money and got us all suspenders.
LOL! Fucking hipster.

Next event- gay roller skating... with short shorts and long socks like Jessica Simpson.


On the flipside, I'm going to an "A-List" party in Hollywood with co-workers at My House... Jessica Alba maybe there... lol

Only in LA can you go grudge to chic in walking driving distance

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Recap - Surreal

Will said that when he reads my blog he feels like it's surreal because I do random things, but really it's all the same on repeat.

Feb 4 - Michael's Birthday: Korean BBQ
The Soju did something weird to everyone.

Feb 6 - Echo Park Art Walk.
It rained.. there wasn't much art, but it was thrilling to walk around the neighborhood in the crispy weather.

We found the brave bike community who conquer LA with minor cuts and missing limbs.

Feb 6 - Mony and girls in town... what to do? Korean BBQ.
I felt like I was in San Jose... Love. Love Love.

Feb 17 - Umami Burger Lunch Break with Co workers... oh Look, Everybody Loves Raymond also loves burgers... daym son... busting at the seams. Can you hear those buttons screaming?! I can.... "AHHHHHHHHHH!!"

After that burger I had two slices of pizza and an enchilada.

Feb 18 - Coworker Hang Out.. what to do? FUCKING OVERPRICED KOREAN BBQ!
Karaoke - He's got the bay area swagger and did Empire State of Mind by HEART. shizz

In Korean restaurants there is this little bell and when you ring it someone comes running. They have the same at this Karaoke place called Young Dong. I wish that bell was implemented everywhere. Can you imagine?

Feb 19 - Welcome to 321 Creepsters

we'll follow you until you love us.

Ern and I were at The Edison - a HUGE Yuppy lounge that looked like it was previously a giant power plant. Ern gave me a power plant lesson... pointing where the coal is burnt. We met this really sweet girl who helped us get in because Ern was wearing the wrong shoes. UGh straight clubs are so stressful. When ever you go you have to be a big tit sandwich with the girls on the end and the uglies in the center.

After we were done being yuppies, we found ourselves at a random gay Latino dive bar called Jalico dancing to a bad mix of house and Lady Gaga. It was perfect.

Feb 20 - API Equality
On Sunday I was looking for someone to go to the Silverlake farmers market. I ended up marching in the Chinese New Year parade in downtown for equal rights with API equality. I was holding the community sign.

Who knew.

Feb 21 - Back Up Pussy Dolls Kick Back
321 had a random kick back with random folks and sangria. We played this awesome game that involved "FUCK YOU" and clapping.

Feb 21 - Will in Town
I love this horse witch. Though I nearly killed him driving down the streets of Alhambra. Welcome to LA. What did we do? NOT KBBQ... but rather hot pot and some extreme chilling.