Friday, December 31, 2010

Surprise Birthday

December 2

Poor Jae canceled his birthday plans to go to wine tasting because of the weather.  So we brought the wine tasting to him!  We had cheese and and wine aerator  (I know, fancy huh?). Jae has been doing a lot of the behind the scenes decorating for 321 parties so we thought it would be nice to celebrate his birthday and not let it slip by unnoticed.

We had rehearsal.  Jimmy would bring Jae into the living room and we would throw balloons at him.  Jae was stuck in traffic; we eagerly awaited.

False alarm

But then when it really happened, Michael (who missed rehearsal) came out too early!!!  Chasing Jae with a balloon leaving the rest of the group awkward. OOPS!

Success success.

But of course, we aren't that fancy, so Michael bought us all Taco Bell to go with our wine.  PER FECT!!!!!  That's my kind of wine tasting!


The best surprise was when Jae's High school friends came in.  I handed them the cake and made them sing and walk towards Jae.  This is when he burst into tears!! CRY BITCH!! CRY! It's your BIRTHDAY!

Love making friends cry.



thwany said...

what a good friend you are.

mich said...

i LOVE that snl skit. love kristin wiig.