Friday, December 3, 2010


When I found out that one of my coworker's car insurance was higher than mine, I felt amazing.  Full coverage on my new car means that I can no longer afford Mexican Pizzas from Taco Bell!  And being in LA doesn't help my rates.

God, it feels good to know that you did better than others.  My other coworker had a break down because she couldn't figure out an issue.  She was on the verge of tears every time she had to talk about it.  "Is it me? Just tell me it's me."  It was her, but I AINT gonna tell her that. Over a conference call she sounded frustrated and while talking to the supervisor she would wrinkle her face in complete defeat.  It was entertaining.

I stepped in to help her figure things out.  "I have to update hundreds of lines! And I don't want to do that!" she complained.
"You can use the FIND feature on excel," I said arrogantly.  My legs were crossed and I had a half smile from being very amused.

And the problem was solved.  I could have stepped in earlier, but I just pulled out my popcorn from the microwave.

It's ridiculously entertaining.  MTV knows this.  Those terrible dating shows and reality shows they keep dishing out that make millions of dollars?  Yeah.  We love watching you fail.  We LOVE watching you act ridiculous assuming immediately that we would never do the same.


I follow some blogs/tumblrs because the writers are complete messes.  They are hypocrites, speak so highly of things when they don't really know what they're talking about (what's the word for that?).   Complain about the medium that they are a part of.  "[Tumblr] is seriously lacking in a substantial amount of genuine, well thought out content." WELL DUH.  But instead of complaining about it, change it.  But when there are a lot of words on your tumblr dashboard, do you read it?  NO!  Tumblr = A.D.D. microblogging.

It's like saying... oh this smoothie is too cold.  Your idiocy is entertaining.  And makes me feel good to know I am better than you (when I'm actually not.)

And I'm sure that's why some of you like my blog... same reasons.  You loveeee my messy posts.  Don't you?  I accept it. 


And according to my boss I need more messy moments.  Well his exact words are, "you need vacation otherwise your creativity will suffer.  When you work too much you get tunnel vision and your mind functions on check lists."

OMG.. And that's why you're the director.  Yes, sir.  I'll take this up coming Monday off to go Christmas shopping!

Please skip to 2:00 for slow motion amusement.

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thwany said...

you're a shrewd one.