Monday, December 6, 2010

Misc November

November 5
I love Wat Thai Temple in Sun Valley.   For Loi Krathong - Festival of Lights in November and Songkran Festival - Thai New Year in April the community gets together and sells amazing food.

Since it's for the community, the price is right!  $3 Pad Thai, $3 Larb, $3 Duck Noodle Soup, $3 Papaya Salad.  Nom nom nom nom nom.  Authentic, amazing.

I also went fishing for eggs.  It was mostly for children, but I donated a dollar to play the game.  Inside the eggs were various prizes.  I had a choice between a girdle or a can of pineapples (clearly donations).  I selected the girdle of course so that I can into my form fitting v-necks.  Oh and here's a monk with a 8 grand camera:

Photos c/o Jimmy
November 7 
Abbot Kinney is this cute, beach-esque neighborhood in Venice with cute stores and eclectic architecture.
Checked out some cute Japanese stores, clothing stores, coffee shops and gay bar called the Rooster Fish. Jimmy was able to take some charming photos of our friends:

The cigarette adds to the photo
Hello There
Very Charming
November 13
 I definitely prefer visiting home on random weekends.  My parents took me to this amazing Viet/French bakery called L'Amour Des Baguettes in Little Saigon San Jose.  My mom kept feeding me the baguettes because they were fresh and only a dollar. Hell yeah!

November 17
Appreciating LA-  After my visit from the bay and getting bloody MESSSSSSY, I realized that I missed it... but on this Tuesday, I was reminded of the things that I love about LA. Started with Mr.Black - a gay club with no cover and open Vodka bar until 10PM.  We danced liked hipsters and took a picture with "Mr. Black's" Ass: NSFW.

We went downtown to the Standard Rooftop Bar to enjoy the rooftop view and water beds. We then went to Seven Grand which has been on my to-do list for a while and discovered a live jazz band and an artist doing charcoal portraits.

And we crammed in Library Bar just because it was across the street.  Despite it being a Tuesday, these places were occupied with people living LA.  Girls dressed up, guys buying drinks, conversations happening under heat lamps.  It wasn't crowded, it was manageable and I loved it.  That's why I love you LA, because there is always something to discover.  I just need to be in the right mood.

November 20
WeHo and Kicking it with some lesbians at Hotel Figueroa.  We should have gone to Circus after.. it was hip hop night, but I was sooo lazzzy... another time soon!
going out photos

November 21
Holiday Party with a coworker.  She introduced to me the shake weight.
The photo on the left will be our holiday card photo for the office
November 24
Fancy Filipino Thanksgiving dinner at Salakot with roommates sans Sam.  We all looked not so fancy... so pictures of food only.  lol. Lots of dishes that reminded me of my grandma's cooking, especially sinigang which is similar to canh chua!

even the water was fried
I spent a lot of November preparing for 2011 at my work.  But I'm loosening up in December because everything is in a good spot.  Tomorrow is my day off and I just need to catch up and breath.  Lots of gift exchanges to buy things for, but I'm excited.

Lots of transitions in November, break ups everywhere and other folks getting together.  I think it's that time of year to evaluate our relationships with other people.  And it's the time of year when we realize how lonely (or not) we actually are.


mich said...

i love sinigang! my filipino roommates from college taught me how to make it.

Anonymous said...

I love LaMour. They have the best pate chaud Chris! Buy 2, get 1 free. - Danster