Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Whatever

My supervisor demanded I take my floating holiday that I would lose it if I don't take it this month.  She was gone for Thanksgiving week and told me that I was her "new favorite person" because when she came back all issues were in a good spot.

It feels good to be on top of my shit.  But I have no plans for vacation and I feel like I'm reaching that point of complacency (again).  I am very whatever.

Even when I was talking on the phone with Michelle she noticed my whatever attitude.

I haven't been blogging much... whatever
My tummy is getting as big as my ass... whatever
Folks are getting together, breaking up and I am still single... whatever

Where is that passion????


I found this interesting, "research reveals that, on average, having a new romantic partner pushes out two close friends from your inner circle."  Well Fucking Shit, REALLY?

If I had known this, I wouldn't have made such a big deal out of losing friends because they were neglecting me.  If I had KNOWN that it was just nature, I would have chilled the fuck out and not given my friends such a hard time.


Anyway. Point is - it happens.  Whatever.


My HS friends were able to come together for some wine and Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

Caitlin, Smyr, Me, Anthony, Aaron

I was close to dying in the bay with the weather too cold to go out and everyone busy with other things.  Ooo, and lots of compliments from this "new" leather jacket that was from my ex Chris Christmas 2005 or 2006 that I decided to pull out of my closet.

Thanks buddy. 


Maybe being whatever is actually being "grown up" because you accept and understand the reality around you that you don't feel a need to complain or analyze it.  Actually, no, that's not being a grown up.. that's being... passive? simple?  dead inside?

Hmm, we must fix this.


ChungkingExpressions said...

Chris this is unacceptable. Let's do more random trips out of LA!!! I'm serious. OC, SD, Santa Barbara, Camping, etc.

We need life validating adventures!!!!!!!

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