Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Seeking Balance

I think I am spoiled by living with good company.  Every day I laugh for an accumulative amount of 30 minutes because of something my roommates have said or done.  I imagine that if I were to live by myself, I would actively reach out to random folks to fulfill my extrovert needs.  This would result in more varied activities and experiences; never being home because I would be so lonely there.  But though I would be doing a lot more different things, I would still be desiring some consistency.

Because.. consistency is familiarity is home is family.  To know that a group of people will always be where you expect them to be provides a sort of comfort that someone who is used to coming home to a dark apartment/loft to only be greeted by a pet/computer/tv would not have... as so I would imagine.

But being home alone as of late because of company shut down, I have found myself doing random "self love time" such as going out to buy ingredients to cook, reaching out to folks who aren't a part of my core friends to have a meal... etc.

I realize, I need life balance.  Ernesto is a master at just that - work, dance, love, cook, read, run.... nudity.  His happiness comes from multiple sources and if one part was unfulfilled, his happiness is incomplete.

Work. Work. Work.  I've decided that once I've hit my two year mark, I will search for a job that will allow me to have time on the weekdays.  Leaving work at 7 is shit, but at least I know that when I come home someone is there to make me laugh and I don't have to scroll facebook to seek some attention...  being the (attention) whore that I am.

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Adrian Paul said...

Oh wow. I love Pho! I wish I knew how to make it myself. I heard that it's really hard! Looks like a lot of fun you guys had.

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