Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Thought You were Just SOCIAL!

I was looking forward to this work event all month.  I had my toy ready to donate and my dollar store santa hat that fit perfectly on my big head.

Coworker + Toys + Cube
But like any work event I drank a lot.
I was happy because I haven't had an opportunity to hang out with my new team.  It's important to be able to know your coworkers outside the office even if it's a work event.

I was really happy to find out that most of them love to dance!  DJ was pretty amazing.  I did some iPhone flirting by handing him my phone asking him if he DJs anywhere else.  His apathetic responses implied that I should get off his balls. 

Get jiggy with it
One of folks I worked with told me that she knows this cute girl she could hook me up with.  I asked her why she thinks we are compatible:
"She's cute and young, you're cute and young.  Why NOT?!"
"That's great, but there's only one problem with that, IM GAY!"
"OH MY GOD!! All this time... I thought you were just SOCIAL!!!"


I was on the other side of the club full of advertising folks when Teenage Dream by Katy Perry came on.  I pushed between CEOs and Directors of Marketing, "excuse me, this is MY song!" And I headed to the dance floor.  I got some chuckles.

body rolls from the chest
Yay, work people!
What's fun about these events are the ridiculous "photo booth" photos you can take.

The photographer helped us out with our poses.  This reindeer + Santa pose is definitely NOT HR approved.

It was so hard to get the whole team together.  I was rounding them all up like a cowboy by interrupting conversations.  The photo peeps had fun props to play with.

At the end of the night, we grabbed some pizza on Melrose and I made conversation with the Valet guy.
"Who's the most famous person that has stopped by?"
"Chris Brown."
"That's cool."

I think we talked about where he lives and his family... I guess I really am just "social."
1000 Toys were collected that night.  Totally awesome!


mich said...

i didn't know you were gay at first... but that was when i was younger and hadn't developed fine-tuned gaydar.

Anonymous said...

you put the 'fabulous' in fabulously trashed letopho!! hehe