Thursday, September 9, 2010

All White People, Get off the Bus

Taking the bus in LA is like.... taking the bus in any other city.

It added 20 minutes to my commute, but I was glad to experience something that a fair number of Angelinos have not had the opportunity to experience.

It was an interesting transition heading from east to west in public transportation.  There were no white people on the bus.  In fact, the closest was a light skin latino lady.  When I got off the bus in mid city, I walked through Park La Brea which is this over price housing neighborhood where you will find a bunch of C list celebrities and weathy young professionals. 

On the streets were people walking their dogs in their PJs at 8:30AM.  They were all white. 

It's nice to have this option as my truck is no longer available.  We'll see how I do tonight as the streets will be packed with traffic and my patience will wear thin.


Alex C. said...

What happened to your truck?


thwany said...

public transportation rules

Gauss Jordan said...

Dude! What happened?