Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gaydar? There's An App for That

I'm subscribed to a lot of industry publications. An article about Grindr caught my eye-

It's no surprise gay men have been at the forefront of social media, readily adopting new technologies that allow them to connect with each other --
something which can be a bit challenging, considering homosexuals
constitute no more than 10% of the general population. The latest
development -- a smartphone app called Grindr -- integrates the big gay
online social network with mobile, GPS location-based updates to create a
real-world version of "gaydar."


I think it's a powerful resource. I find folks on Grindr to be very honest. They will tell you what they are looking for, e.g. friends, a hook up, dating... it's a great resource for the modern man with an iPhone. There are a lot of interesting folks there such as this guy:

Looking to expand his horizons, but not into "really ethnic-looking guys." Interesting.

Or this guy:

I guess the keyword here is FEARLESS. I've heard of aggressive bottom or hungry, ravenous bottom... but fearless catcher- that's like superhero status.


I haven't met anyone through Grindr except one who became my hair dresser. He cuts my hair for free because he's a student and gets to practice. Love it.

And I've bookmarked my friends, so I know when you're naughty. *chuckle*


Make it Easy said...

omg this scares me. ahahah

thwany said...

so many gay guys in korea get an iphone just to use this app. i went to a bar earlier tonight and so many dudes at the bar were on their fucking phones on grindr while they're AT the bar... i'm sorry but something is seriously fucking wrong with that. people don't interact anymore, it's sort of sad.

but i still appreciate grindr haha.