Sunday, May 2, 2010

Work and Play

I thought I blogged about all of April, but realized that I missed a couple of things:

We went to MJs a lot in April. Such a sexual sexual place.

We came up with a three step dance move. Please follow the visual instructions below for max awesome danceness; remember to repeat on the beat:

Ern makes fun of me for getting low like a munchkin in photos. Hey, I want to make the picture more interesting!

Work took me out to Mastro's Steakhouse! Fancy pants dinner, oh my! And check out that steak in contrast to my phone. MMM yeah. I should have ordered a basket of fiber.

In the last week of April, I crammed in a couple of more things. Like FuBar's Big Dick Thursdays. So um.. you flash your dick and you get a free shot. MmM. Michael actually bought me a shot instead. I had to place my hand on the servers butt while he poured a kamikaze down my mouth. I was very awkward. But it was fun. We left before it got too raunchy.

What really annoyed me is Sam got a parking ticket for "parking in the red." Dude, anyone could tell you that the right part of the curb (where Sam parked) was gray and the left was red. I printed out 12 pictures and encouraged Sam to protest. LA you are dumb. I bought some street tacos to calm myself down. Best 3 dollars of my life.

Work lunch at Toast to welcome my replacement! It was a nice break from work, but when we got back to the office we were jamming!

The last day of April, we had a little cocktail party in our newly painted living room. Sam was our bartender and he made White Gummy Bears and Gimlets. And our old roommate Mike stopped by. =]

Okay April. Now you're done.


Luuworld said...

your friends are beautiful :-D

Michael said...

No need to order a basket filled with anything. you could probably just eat the basket and get a bunch of fiber.