Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunset Hollywood Ride

I was terrified. Even though these were trained horses, we were going 2mph and I had a helmet, I kept thinking about when I got thrown off a horse in Mexico. My back was bruised for days, I was damaged. I had to remind myself to loosen up.

"I could probably ride this thing bareback," stated my coworker. I think I was the only one chuckling.

This is my horse, "patches." He was well behaved. Other horses stopped to eat grass and/or peed and pooed a lot.

"What do gay horses eat?" our guide was trying to tell a joke.
"HEEEEYYYY" I replied with great enthusiasm. Everyone laughed, "of course I know that one!" I'm so gay with my coworkers, it's refreshing.

"The horses like to walk on the edge because they like to see if there are any predators climbing up to get them. Don't worry, they aren't suicidal horses." I nervously laughed.

Beautiful view from the Hollywood hills. I couldn't bend my knees, but we rewarded ourselves with some margaritas. Probably never going to ride a horse again.. unless I could connect my na'vi braid to them.

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thwany said...

that looks like so much fun