Saturday, May 8, 2010

Busy May

This is what I did on May 1st.
-Painted my room with Jimmy. This is what I'm trying to recreate on my wall:

-Had amazing Thai noodle soup at Wak Dong Moon Lek, my new favorite Thai noodle place. The waitress was really fun. Loved her.
-Went to a gardening store
-Trader Joes for some wine and cheese for our picnic

-Park with Ern Eric Jimmy and Jae and painted some canvases. We witnessed a homeless women in skinny jeans slap/spit on a Latino father in front of his son because he moved her trash can to make a soccer goal. Stripped of his masculinity, we watched the cops come one hour later to offer a meager resolution.-Quick Improv show.. like bam bam, out the door, buy tickets, get's seats quick!
-Cowboys and Turban's Indian Street food for dinner. The restaurant stole sugar from Sizzler.
-Eric's birthday. Eric is a screen writer and did a reading at his birthday party. It inspired Ern to host an open mic night at our place.


WHEW! Now for some webjunk from Tumblrs and other blogs that I follow:

Want to learn this:


Damn my daughter is going to dance like this:

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thwany said...

yay for picnics