Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pirates and Snow

Crazy Hook

Check it out. A Pirate themed Soju bar!! Every table gets their own tap of beer. 4000ccs please. I felt I was at a Western themed bar in Seoul. So this is how Koreans view Westerners.

Lots of eye candy. Argggg

FUcking ShIEt.. Noo one listens to me when I yell, "FUNNY PICTURE!!"

Mountain High
Letopho: Hello
Alysia: Wanna go Skiing tomorrow?
Letopho: Umm... okAY!

Well strap on planks of wood to my feet and call my sparky.

So apparently there's a ski resort 1.5 hours away from Alysia's house. It just rained and so the powder was fresh. This was my third time skiing and I felt like a pro. Sorry kids, snowboarding ain't for me. Alysia did some jumps while I carved the mountain avoiding them.

My best run was done in thick fog. Not being able to see people-obstacles made me a more confident skier. "Lean forward, lean forward!" I usually have to psyche myself up.

It's funny that I had to go to So Cal to play in the snow... 6.5 hours of skiing baby and I got home by 6PM. Let's do it again.

I'm glad I got to go because I missed Super Snow Bunnies this year. :[


mich said...

i got crazy wasted at crazy hook... it was awesome.

thwany said...

so much fun