Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gay Code

My coworker told me that he's often in West Hollywood because he has a lot of gay friends.

Last night he was at a table in West Hollywood and hollered at me.
"I was lying.. I'm gay... this is my boyfriend."

Floored me.
"But don't tell the other coworkers, I just came out in August"

Gay Code: You don't out fellow homos because you wouldn't want to be outed yourself or because you've been in the closet and you know how that feels. Or you're an evil bitch you loves to gossip.


Interesting turn of events.


mich said...

straight guy who has a lot of gay friends=most likely gay himself.

Will said...

This is one area I always feel nervous about. I have straight friends who constantly ask me "hey look at my co-worker's facebook page- do you think he's gay?" I absolutely hate that, because I feel like that's probably what everyone did when I was closeted. I mean, if someone's not comfortable telling your they're gay- they probably have a good reason.

I think that you can just make it clear to your friends that you're accepting no matter what; as for outing other gays, it's just not something that should be done.

thwany said...