Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday thoughts

Went to Wurstkurche last night for some German Sausage. - Been on my todo list for a while!

Per coworker (with good taste) recommendation, I had the Duck & Bacon with Jalapeno Peppers with a topping of grilled onions and a Franziskaner beer. It was very delicious. The curry ketchup with Belgian Fries was also amazing.

Next time I'll try the Alligator & Pork.
I learned that mustard goes better than ketchup on sausages because the sweetness of the ketchup will take away from the flavor.

Didn't have my camera so I just used my iPhone and other people's phones for lighting.

I tried to give myself a haircut the night before and accidentally mulletted it. So I got an emergency cut and now I have boring Asian American hair that matches well with tank tops.


I recently found out that a guy that I hooked up with a while back was dating someone at the time... I thought, NO WONDER he was a bad kisser. His lips were tainted with guilt. Left a bitter taste in my mouth. Bah and I was hoping he'd be a f-buddy too.

"The easiest thing to do is to blame your homosexuality for your lack of monogamy."
PSH... the even more easier thing to do is to find countless examples of disloyality amoung homosexuality.

UH ohhhh..... looks like I'm reverting back to my pessimistic side!
There's less disappointment when you're prepared. *zinger*


My co-workers and I are gonna start P90X on the 15th and have a jar to put a dollar in for every time we miss a day. This should be good. I can use my chin up bar.


THEN this.

I'm making an effort to say, "LOVVVE that top" during awkward situations.


My stylist asked to trim my eyebrows... I agreed and now I have weird thin Japanese eyebrows.


I told Ern, "there are so many people in LA, but no one seems to be around. Where did everyone go?"
Ern responded, "they're all extras in a movie...."



My coworker invited me to grab lunch, I responded, "not now chief, I'm in the zone." And started laughing to myself...

God I'm so funny!


I can't wait to listen to Room 2046's mixed tape this morning on my ride to work!


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