Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Despite what ya'll are gonna say.... it's really hard for me to do these creepster eyes. Ask ERN.
He had to train me to open my eyes really wide, glance upward with my chin down and grin without teeth (that's key)... like you're hiding drugs in your mouth... pedophilic drugs/roofies.
But I think I got it. I feel like you can give these guys quotes like...
  • "I like donuts and testicles.. heh heh"
  • "I'll buy you a drink, if you let me guess your sexual position preference"
  • "...but my friends call me AnGeLstar, because that's the name I gave my avatar"
  • "How about we take a ride in my mom's Prius?"
Smile with your eyes? How about unwelcome-touching with your eyes? Rawr.

I like your hair long and gross because other boys will think you're dirty and you will be unwanted except for by me. *Paparazzi.*