Monday, January 4, 2010

Songs About Boys

So I've been flirting with this guy on Grindr and I'm not rushing to meet him or anything. He tells me that he's going jogging with a friend in Silverlake. Cool.

An hour later I get a message from this random dude. I ask him what he was up to and he said he was going jogging with a friend. I asked, "in Silverlake?" He responded, "yes."

I confirmed that the two Grindr folks were friends. *close application*


I've lost all my playlists transferring my itunes and of course IMEEM. But the one playlist that I've managed to preserve is titled, "Songs About Boys." It's a collection of songs that remind me of particular boys in my life. Most of these songs give me tingles .... and I have moments where I feel like they are next to me. As I listened to that playlist on my drive home I began to miss them.

This is a familiar feeling- vulnerability? Is this what I have to endure? Fucking shit.
I don't like this... I honestly wish that I had a company event tonight or some other distraction and I nearly hit my head jumping for joy when Ern came home.

Anyway. I enjoy this kids voice. I forgot that I had a thing for voices. Thanks for reminding me Mony.

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Quan said...

fuck myspace!!!! why they had to buy imeem, I feel like myspace is that bitter black sheep who is jealous of other people, if they can't be the number 1 social network, then nobody else can. So they go and ruin our music and playlist!!! >(

try this site:
it's the new imeem!! very easy breezy, search & listen!