Sunday, January 17, 2010


Last time I visited you, you were very mean to me. You basically threw in my face that my friends have moved on and the baggage that I was trying to forget still existed... but yesterday... Oh Bay Area... you were so good to me.

I took an impromptu trip to the bay with my coworker. I came up without telling anyone except Aaron and a few others... if the trip made me feel shitty, it was okay because I can just spend time with family, but I didn't expect to feel so happy to be home.

Movie Theatre-
In LA, you have to pay to park at a theatre and theatre tickets are way more expensive than they should be. As a result, I haven't seen a movie in LA unless my company paid for it or if it was at a cheap theatre and the movie had already been out for 6 months.

Thank you suburbs for providing free parking and a mind blowing Avatar experience. I was emotionally stimulated and my senses were overloaded. At the end of the movie I was exhausted and needed to find something to stick my hair braid in to make a synaptic connection.

House Party in SF
A random house party appeared on my todo list and I partied with an eclectic crowd whom I've never seen before. I love that. Everyone was friendly and sprinkled around was the perfect amount of folks I knew/of which made networking was easier.

The house party was on 16th and Delores... it was a great location and the place was really really cute... the roommates were minimalists and it made me want to throw some of my stuff away. One of the rooms was in a corner facing Sunset with huge windows; the view was breathtaking. There were a lot of Andy Warhol pieces in the apartment which I enjoyed. They swapped the lightbulbs in the apartment with reds and blues, which reminded me of my epic college parties and they had a projector playing something random on the bare walls. It was a very young adult transitional party.

And the PARKING.. omg.. there were about SIX open spots on the MAIN streets. I guided aaron to parallel cuz I do that on the daily with my truck in LA. So fucking refreshing to find parking at 10:30PM in the city... crispy like the night air.

Bar on Church
Thank you Bar on Church for playing Hip Hop songs. Thank you SO MOTHER FUCKING MUCH for playing songs I knew the words to. I danced ALL night.

-I danced with a stranger who asked for my number
-I was a creepster and hit on a guy who was very sober and very uninterested
-and... I danced with a pole "looking like I was having fun instead of looking too hard to be sexual" as Damien described.

...and thank you Bar on Church for filling your room with 21+ Asian Americans who have Bay Area swagger. Yes. Swagger.

Bay Area Swagger.
There were about a million people that I found attractive last night. Maybe I had a good buzz, but when I go to WeHo... I find... no one attractive. In fact there was this guy that I met at in LA twice that I thought was really cute. I assumed he lived in LA and kept flirting with him (sort of), and to my surprise he actually lived in the bay. Fucking shit.

What is bay area swagger? It's hard to explain... it's like natural rhythm, culture, color, substance, BART... just something that makes San Francisco bay area boys so much more worthwhile and delicious.

And we went to Denny's after I danced with the whole bar in Castro. I had nachos and our Vegetarian friend inadvertently ordered a Mushroom burger assuming it was a garden burger. Oh vegetarians, nhiều chuyện!!! I came home at 4AM and crash like old times.

And I'm awake at 9AM blogging because I am so happy that I finally got to experience the parts of the bay that I loved and missed instead of being disappointed like last time.


And today I'm having brunch with my ex who I've had a face to face conversation since December 2007. Why? To clear the waters, because he's dating one of my best friends and for my best friends sake I want everything to be good. OMG. The day has come! LOL.

I'll let you know how that goes.


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oh no! i was supposed to go to that party, oh well. i heard it was real fun. goodluck with talking with the ex

Alex C. said...

Honey, I love reading your blog because deep down you and I are very different types of Gaysians. And I really like your different perspectives, interests and attractions from my very own. It's so important to have diversity in our community. Keep doing you!


letopho said...

:D Thanks everyone! And Alex! You are a sweat heart!