Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello 2010

It's the Sunday before I go back to work and I'm eager to get back to reality. I anticipate a hundred fire drills that all need immediate attention and a late night in the office.

The later half of 2009 was very nice to me. And this was thanks to a handful of people who helped me find a path that I'm thrilled to be walking along.

I feel like many of us are too eager to burn bridges to places where we feel are useless to us. Because that person hasn't connected with us in so long... a little "spring cleaning" is necessary. Why?

I don't expect everyone who has crossed my path to reappear, but I think it's a good idea to welcome the opportunity to reconnect with people who have made a positive impact at one point.

Anyway, thank you for bettering the quality of my life.


I just finished transcribing the last of my todo list from my old 2009 Moleskin Weekly Notebook to my new 2010 Moleskin that was given to me as a gift from Crazy Aquarious. I'm am currently chatting with him about where we stand and he responded:

it was a possibility in the beginning but I feel like in a dating relationship, we both cant offer what we need......
And I closed that 2009 chapter with a mutual understanding.


I spent the day on my Macbook Pro cleaning my iTunes and playing with Grindr on my iPhone. I chime in the new year with upgraded technology.


I'm about to change the sheets on my bed and schedule an appointment with my LA Stylist and start the new year with a fresh haircut. A haircut that involves cutting off the bangs that I've worn for most of the later half of 2009 and probably will wear again in the later half of 2010 unless I meet a boy who prefers to see my large Vietnamese forehead at full force.


I'm looking at my list of Goals...

Love. Because... I haven't done much of that in 2009. The year before that was full of of hurt. I've somehow protected myself from pain and as a result haven't given myself the opportunity to be vulnerable.

Though looking back, I like 2009. I'm happier, I feel like I'm a better person and have made the right decisions (for once). In 2010, I turn 25 years old. That's fucking crazy.

Thanks for joining my ride.


Vimesh said...

Have an Exciting 2010 ,and am sure you would find some one u love :) and that some one really loves u ...

Gauss Jordan said...

Yeah, I haven't put myself out there either.

I need to go check out more dating sites I think. Or at least make an effort on okcupid or something.

damien said...