Saturday, January 30, 2010

Do the Dancing

Upstairs in the hip hop room of Mickey's and Rage I notice urban dancers... yum: flannel shirts, skinny jeans, and sweet kicks.... reminiscent of bay area swagger, these new boyz caught my attention.

Though, I felt a bit off and couldn't find my groove... and they move so good, it's so intimidating.

Something about good dancing that I find very attractive. I don't think I'm the best dancer, but I know it takes four things to dance well:

  • Feel the Music
  • Don't think too Hard
  • Disconnect your Joints
  • Commit to your Movements.
For me, I'm just rolling my body and imitating the music video dance moves; which I find very effective... and I love feeling my body the morning after. My stomach muscles tight because I was contracting them all night. (Especially after the Middle Eastern club which was all sorts of belly dancing),

Last week I ran into my coworker who was throwing herself at all the gay boys who she said were 8s and 9s. Compared the slobs at straight clubs that she rates as 5s and 6s, Rage was full of candy for her. Amusing.

We also saw a girl eat the cement last night. She was mortified.
Ern slammed me against the wall with his ass, I officially can't have children and I got a minor concussion when my head hit the wall.

And of course after dancing all night, avoiding so cal drama, I make quesadillas for everyone... because if you had my quesadilla, you know there's no comparison:

shut up and just eat it... don't get homotional


dannie said...

i miss your quesadillas.

ChungkingExpressions said...

hahah kevin and I laughed so hard when that girl fell >_<

And no homotional shit tonight! hehe