Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Comic Life - LA Art Walk & Fierce Bitches

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I'm having too much fun with this.

LA Art Walk is this monthly event that brings downtown LA back to life by opening up art galleries free to the public.

Here you will find a lot of life, music, streets... but also aimlessness. Most of the population didn't seem to appreciate the art, but rather were just aimless... just following a crowd because it was something to do.... like myself.

Next time, I'm gonna try to check out exhibits.

It was interesting walking around the Theatre District of downtown. I pictured how it once used to look in its prime compared to it's current state of ghettoness.

At least I was able to fit in some hipster dancing. God, the music was terrible.


OMG.. this is too much fun


AIM convos

Letopho: No you wont get my pictures from LA Art Walk
Friend: I will charm you
Letopho: Uh huh
Friend: I thought everyone has seen him naked
Friend: And that is the wrong window
Friend: Sometimes I hate AIM.


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