Wednesday, November 18, 2009

While Music is Played

"Ko-Shu: Honey and pear nose. Aged 10 years while music is played"
I wonder if the drink would taste "classic" if Chopin was playing, "rustic" if Garth Brooks was playing or "slutty" if Britney was playing. Either way... I guess it's like tenderizing your meat, but instead it's stimulating your liquor.


This Cod was amazing
So what is "Peruvian Sushi." Basically it's citrus-y sushi with a ceviche twist. Delicious!


Wednesday thought:

I get more coworker to visits to my desk because I carry community hand sanitizer.


This passed Sunday I had brunch with some fabulous gay people

The dynamic was so interesting because there was so much wit as well as humorous sexual innuendo. It was like a group of gossipy women meets a group of horny men in the locker room. I guess that makes gay.

Some ideas stuck out during the fluid conversation amongst these "queens."

"Do you hug with genitalia?" I guess when you really embrace somethings gotta meet in the middle.


The idea of being Geographically Undesirable. I've said it before: gays will travel to see each other, but I guess I'm not much of a minority as I thought when I said that I don't believe in traveling.

"Geographically Undesirable." I like that term. Maybe that's why I'm excited about Grindr... especially in LA- it's such a chore to travel to another neighborhood. I can't wait to discover gays that are in proximity using that app. YAY more visitors to my home, let's have a movie nights and do things on the weekdays!


Sorry for the sporadic thoughts as of late. I haven't had cohesive thoughts in a while.


Vimesh said...

beautiful pictures u took !! :) :)

i am going to eat sushi or caviar may be early next year...what the heck i got only one life i should taste everything...

and aged with music .....its like the sake must have been kept in an cellar with mild music playing in the background...ha haa ,but i really loved how the menu was written

thwany said...

i would like a nice warm hug with genitalia

dannie said...

genitalia hugs are the best hugs ever!