Saturday, November 7, 2009


This Latino lady let me sniff her loins because I complemented how good her laundry smelled.

I realized that I could make my clothes smell like anything I wanted by adding it to my detergent... like mint leaves, lavender... pho!

*Imagination runs wild*


This is the 5th guy that's complemented my natural smell. But this is the first guy that's ever shoved his face in my pits to get a stronger whiff. He admitted to be a "smell sort of guy" which I thought was cool until he started sniffing my permanent pens and candles as if they were the only source of oxygen in the room.

I spent the day with Crazy Aquarius, and I have to say I found myself more interested than expected. I think he's very cute until he makes this stupid face when he tries to be cute- he becomes deformed looking. I informed him of that and of course he does it more, blast. He also smokes and I told him that I won't kiss him after smoking those cancer sticks.

It's interesting because he's the opposite of the guy I was dating that I recently ended it with. He texts me good night at midnight, he complements me for no reason like when I sneeze and he enjoys frequent close mouth quick pecking.

I called the guy I was dating to check up on him- voice mail. No return call. Hmm. I'm friends with his roommate so I asked her to check up on him. Blah. I was reminded of that episode of friends where Phoebe was good at breaking up with people. I don't think I ended it very well. Mike, my roommate suggested that next time I use the line, "we're good friend, but I don't think we'll become anything more serious than that."

Gosh, I sounds so much better than, "I don't have feelings for you."



After ditching my roommates at the Abbey in WeHo, I spent rest of my Halloween night with Crazy Aquarius and his Korean friends, who I love. I learned that one of the girls was adopted. It makes me wonder what percentage of Korean Americans are adopted. I feel like Americans like adopting Koreans... because they are spicy or something. Or maybe the Korean government was having a Korean baby sale ...............or something.

Crazy Aquarius also showed me his fat pictures. I'm interested to see how many Korean boys started off fat. I told him to start a facebook support group: I Used to be a Fat Korean Boy, now I'm sexy....

Oh Koreans... so sexy, so crazy, so adopted.


Anonymous said...

I DO think the Korean government had a bady sale around 25-35 years ago, because of alot of the adopted children in Sweden from that generation are originally from Korea. When you meet Koreans here in that age gap you just assume they're adopted.

Anonymous said...

I Used to be a Fat (half) Korean Boy and now I'm sexy too!!