Sunday, November 22, 2009

Watching My Youth Fad Away

Last night I found myself among undergraduate gay Filipinos at a nightclub on the pier. As they bumped and grind, shook and shaked, touched... kisss... bent over... basically have sex on the dance floor to the tracks of Lady Gaga, I thought to myself- I'm not disgusted, but rather amazed because at one point this used to be me.

I joked to Ern. "OMG YOUTH, ENERGY!!!!" And it's true. Among these children I am an old man and the "body roll" that I was so pretentiously showing off to my office mates the other day did not come close to matching the rhythmic vibrations that resembled music video love making.

I haven't danced dirty in so long. I haven't shoved anyone against the wall and dancing innocently to the sounds of Rihanna in ages and it's reflecting how much older I've become. I was sad, but realistically thinking that once again it's something you don't return to. Like visiting campus... the strange feeling of, "I miss you... but what am I doing here?"

We have better things to do.


Before that I shopped, ate, watched Julie & Julia at the 2 dollar theatre and viewed an improv show with Alysia.

Check check check.

Julie and Julia is a great movie. I feel love with the husband who was uber sweet and selfless. I feel in love with Meryl Streep who is a phenomenal actress and I re-fell in love with food...

I was talking to Alysia about all the good food in Berkeley that I haven't tried. In college, eating well was low in priority. I must return to my college town and sample some flavors. But for now farmers market pizza and Birds rotisserie chicken will fill my stomach.

I'm exhausted.


anhimals said...

OMG where did you get that picture of the two naughty kids?? I am disturbed! LOL

Luuworld said...

haha, i love the pictures of the kids. wonderful!

you are still young. enjoy it while it lasts boy

Will said...

I just saw Julie and Julia too! It was playing on my flight back to the US.

1) Husband guy is really cute! Where is he from?

2) I found the Julie character/storyline really boring, and I found it really hard to sympathize with her.

3) Meryl Streep is a GODDESS. I love her. I also love Stanley Tucci.

After watching that, I got home and cooked a boeuf bourguignon. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to be original this time, so all I am going to say that your blog rocks, sad that I don't have suck a writing skills