Sunday, November 15, 2009

Transgendered Beauty Pageant

I love my roommate Ern. I love coming home and chatting and laughing and venting about dumb things. I'm thrilled that we are on the same wave length, with the same humor.... I love that his pursuit of happiness doesn't end with obstacles, but begins with options. In addition to training for a marathon he's expressed that he's happiest when he's dancing on stage. Despite full time work, he's managed to find time to dance in a couple of shows.

Somewhere in Hollywood, he performed a group number for a Transgendered beauty pageant. I was taken back at how elaborate the show was, how many supporters there were and how much time and effort these transgendered individuals put into their outfits:

These women with penises create such an illusion. There were many spectators in a huge venue that reminded me of more conventional pageants. It was over the top, it defined the word fabulous and it reminded me that there are hidden communities everywhere that don't stop at just ethnicity, but also other segments of individualism such as gender identification.

For the swim suit segment the MC tried to kill time, "are those bitches tucked in yet?!" I couldn't hold my laughter. Being able to tuck your penis and wear a bikini is a talent act in itself and I kept myself entertained by counting the contestants that failed.

I know I would make a hideous girl. And... I'm not into trying to make myself look fabulous. But it's cool to experience something a little different from your everyday and support a friend at the same time.

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