Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Switching to Mac????

This is causing me a lot of stress. And with Black Friday/Cyber Monday coming up the pressure to buying a new computer at a great price is rising.

I have always been a PC user and this recent MAC campaign about Windows 7 has really affected me. Bottom line: I want something that lasts.

But why is the cost difference so substantial? For the cheapest Mac I would have to put out 1k. The PC that I'm considering is a Toshiba NB205 which is retailed at $375. 38% of the cost of a MAC!

I'm all getting my money's worth, but considering the difference, is it worth switching computers? My roommate is right, one of the biggest reasons consumers stick to PCs is that they are scared to switch and I'm one of them.

I'm also scared to put out 625 more dollars than I have to.
It's like saying that BMW is nice, but this Civic will do me just fine.

Should I take the plunge?


Last time I posted this on facebook and people went crazy with their response:

i just got a macbook yesterday!
save money, buy a cheaper PC when windows 7 comes out. its got some really good reviews.
you'll love the mac, don't worry.
Once you go mac, you won't go back and it's well worth it
MacBook Pro! I'll marry mine once Inanimate Object Marriage is legalized
listen to me! =P chatting/email/browsing pictures/stalking folks does not = macbook necessary... fix your carrrrrr/save money so you can upgrade it... think future! long term!!!
no. screw that. macs are pretty. DONT YOU WANNA BE PRETTY TOO?
From PC to a MAC? You'll never goooooooooo back.
I loveeee Macs.
Pro. You'll wish you switched years ago!
MAC! I ♥ Mine
....i am a PC girl all the way, i had a mac in college and HATED it, the macs are too idiot friendly so if you want to do anything yourself you cannot.VERY hard to transfer files/photos/music from mac/pc.
Mac pro! I love my computer it's awesome
Matt Shew
@ Jessica, I don't think Macs are idot friendly, Barack Obama and Al Gore are both mac users. Macs are just designed so that you don't hav eto think about using a computer. you can just get your task dome w/o having to fight the computer. the mac is actually built on unix one of the most advance and secure computer foundations out there. if you ... See Morewanted to do things in command line, you can do it from there. what couldn't you do on your mac, btw? i understand that there is some initial frustration for initial switchers, but once you get over that hump, it's smooth and happy sailing from there.

UGHHHHH.... I dont know I dont know I dont know!
I've been using this 5 year old Dell Inspiron and the fact that the speakers dont work, the CD drive doesnt work, the fan is busted doesn't bother me at all.

With that said.. maybe I should go with that Toshiba.... and my iPhone can serve all my "mac needs."



Vimesh said...

hey chris

i am using windows 7 and its kool however if ur opting for mac then go for it ,may be next year i am going to buy it .

in mac go for the 27" display with magic mouse version in which there is no mouse wheel or left or right click buttons just touch sensitivity controls..its the ultimate geek thing


but as u said civic works fine as of now then go for a pc or notebook with windows 7 its more lighter and peaceful then windows vista

matt said...

lol, i'm so silly with my fb post. but yah, i shelled out $2400 for my powerbook freshmen year of college, it kept my going thru 5 years of design school. we're talking heavy usage..photoshop, indesign, 3d modeling, cad, video editing--sometimes all at the same time, with itunes flawlessly running in the background of course. although i've gotten new macs, this laptop still runs great and can still handle this stuff.

at the same time, my college roommate went through 3 pcs before finally get a macbook pro 5th year.

you're right, bmw vs a civic. but at the sametime, a bmw is much more fun to drive than a civic, same goes with the user interface of the mac. :D

matt said...

oh and if you're looking for the more budget friendly option, i'd say skip the macbook and get the $1199 13" macbook pro. that's a nice machine..and honestly a GREAT bargain for a mac.

if you want to "splurge" get the $1699 15" mbp. that machine will give you more than enough room to grow.

the premium price also gets you a uni-body, water-jetted aluminum frame, LED (instead of LCD) display, and a GREAT media software bundle.

Dru said...

Now this really depends on what you are searching for in a computer.. is it gaming fun, programming power, Internet browsing, artist suave, mass downloading, or media watcher.. there are more I shouldn't name but those are the biggest groups for people who use computers.

Blogging/Internet browsing, switch over to Macs becayse that is mainly what they are used for, but you are paying a high price because they considered to be a "fashion trend". I use PC because of my gaming and programming that needs to be satisfied.. but it really depends what you need the machine for.. PC-> upgrade frequently, MAC-> not a lot of updates, but is not 100% reliable.

Your choice.

Will said...

I'm a mac user at home, but I hate proselytizing for it. I feel like other people can see for themselves and decide what they want to use.

All I can tell you is that if you're going to get a laptop, I highly recommend the macbook. The construction of the unit just blows the PC competitors out of the water. I know it might seem like a superficial thing, but the solid construction also goes a long way toward durability and longevity. I've had my macbook for 3 years now and it still looks and operates as good as new.

mich said...

MACS! I am a big fan of PCs too, but I really just don't have the technical know-how to do the upkeep when they inevitably get older, start to decline, and slow down. At my old work, we only used PCs and I loved it but that's because we had tech support any time anything went weird.

That's not to say that my Mac is always as fast as it was when I bought it, but it's approaching two years and it's still very good.

With Macs, it does some time getting used to (I'd say that it took me two months to get really used to it), but I really like that it takes one minute for the computer to start up. And most of the time I can just put it to sleep, meaning I can just switch it back on right away. This is good when you, say, close your computer and then realize that you forgot to look up something. Well no worries, because it just takes another second for it to start up again!

I also never worry about viruses or spyware. When you switch, you'll realize how annoying it was when you had to deal with that stuff for PCs.



dannie said...

i love my mac! but it really depends what you use it for...but pc's generally don't last as long.

Anonymous said...

I love my Sony (after i get rid of the crapware which is one of the best things about Mac) but I have to agree with Will. The construction of the MacBook is lightyears ahead of my Sony that cost more. Go Apple!

Oh! and if you know a student go bug them to buy it for you and save a hundred bucks on the MBP.

Tofu said...

Windows 7 resolves some of the many problems with Vista and does much to streamline the UI, but is still by no means perfect. However, startups and load-time are much faster in 7 than in some of the older versions, ESP Vista T_T

That said, having had many opportunities to work with the Mac OS I personally am unsure if you would like it. The architecture is fairly different, and a 'cleaner' interface does not necessarily mean it works well for everything or everyone. If you use adobe creative suite a lot, it's the platform of choice for designers, which is not to say cs doesn't work perfectly fine on PCs either.

However, if you use a lot of Excel, the Mac versions of Office are not very fun to work with at all. I've had to do excel work with mac office 2008 and it's really horrible because you can't define macros, shortcut commands are different, etc.

Ultimately I kind of just feel like it's easier to just stick with whatever platform you use at work. Save yourself the money of jumping on the MacBook bandwagon if you can and jump on the iPhone wagon instead. It's the happy medium :P

Madeline said...
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Madeline said...

It's hard to say Mac vs. PC because it really depends what you want the computer for. I for one, am definitely a PC user. Not a fan of Macs, but I understand why so many people like it.

The one gripe I have is that so many people think a main reason that PCs are worse are because of 1. the viruses and 2. that they don't last as long. If you know how to take care of your computer properly, neither of these things are an issue.

My PC laptop has lasted me since almost the beginning of college. . . . about 6 years at this point. After this long, it's about time to want to upgrade your computer anyways.

So if your concern is lifespan, both will satisfy your needs. So look at what other features you want out of the platform you use, and maybe that will help your decision. :)