Saturday, November 21, 2009


Somewhere in Hollywood Heights...

I found myself with charming people somewhere in the Hollywood hills. They were much older and established, yet behaved young and vibrant. I arrived late and dinner had already been served at this intimate party. Wine was scattered and cigarettes were shared. The view was breath taking and the residential street was secluded from the noise of Hollywood on Friday.

It felt... European. Women in loose clothing, men with facial hair, jazz in the background, laughter echoed. Topics of discussion revolved around being straight forward, pets and politics. "What's your favorite language?" I was asked.

"Ahh yes, French is also my favorite language, but as Americans we will never have the right pronunciation...same with reverse... 'Bonk' what the hell is a 'Bonk?'" Charming laughter followed.

"...what is a 'bonk?'" I asked naively.
"BANK!! It's how the French say bank and no one knows what they're talking about!" She sips her wine and smiles again contagiously.

At that moment, the smell of cigarettes that soaked the room did not bother me. I was used to brushing off cigarettes as needless cancer sticks, but at that moment I wanted to share a marlboro just so that I can have smoke rising from my fingers while I talked about the three sensitive topics that are usually avoided: Politics, religion and money. It would only be right... as the sounds of the saxophone leaked from their speakers.

I always thought that women who smoked were unattractive, but my beliefs were proven wrong at that moment because these women were sexy and alluring and the cigarette served as an essential prop to their seduction.

I graciously thanked the host who kissed me on the cheek, "anytime." And I drove to my next destination.

Somewhere in Chinatown...

I was invited to somewhere in Chinatown for a birthday at a nightclub. I almost killed people while inputting an address on my GPS on the 101 South. Initially I was going to get a cab so that I could get smashed, but I decided that I should save getting smashed for other events where my alcohol is paid for.

The club was in the middle of Chinatown. I felt like I was on the set of Rush Hour because the square was embellished with lanterns, lights, dragons and Chris Rock.

The birthday boy was my coworker and I loaded up on cheap alcohol until 11PM. Loose and ready to go, I found officemates and made small talk. "Do you dance?" I shouted over the hip hop. "a little."

I used my staple lines: "do you body roll?"
"no, show me"
I do my body roll and my officemates gasp, "that was amazing! Teach us." They were conservavtive Asians who've never moved their body so "sexually." *gasp*

I spent 10 minutes trying to teach, but really I was flirting because you can't teach a body roll in 10 minutes, you have to be trained by swimming the butterfly in high school.... loosening your abs until undulation comes naturally. "It looks like I'm dancing, but I'm actually doing crunches." This elicited a giggle. I'm so impressed with how alcohol allows me to communicate confidently.

I met some sexy Vietnamese girls outside while getting a bacon wrapped hotdog. "I love your outfit." And as if I lit her fire she smiled and expressed how I should meet her gay friend Steven who has a "great personality!!!" Apparently only gay guys compliment her outfits. And how interesting looking is this guy that his personality has to emphasized? I was very interested and exchanged numbers.

And of course someone was wearing my staple striped clubbing shirt. It's almost as common as converses. Too buzzed to be mortified... sort of.


Somewhere in Echo Park...

I invited some of my coworkers to my house for some after party and I made them my famous quesadilla which they devoured. We played some board games after they took the grand tour of my house. Shit.. I forgot to ask them to sign my guest book. And they left at 4:30AM when my roommate asked us to be quiet because he had work the next day.

I ripped off my clothes, didn't bother to brush my teeth and fell asleep in my Queen size bed...


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