Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sharing Space, Never Lonely

Sorry for all the posts. I've been so busy, I've finally been able to get all my thoughts out and as a result I've posted a butt load of crap. I'm currently in my living room with my roommate. I love being able to just chill. Especially today when I got off work "early" - 7:30PM. =X

Ernesto was telling me that he didn't know what a duvet cover was when he got it so he tried to stuff his whole mattress in it to no avail. LOL!

I got the house a guestbook. Please sign it when you visit!


Question: how much semen does it take to overflow the shower drains? damn SON!


Alex C. said...

That pic is priceless!


Anonymous said...

how are we to visit if you don't tell us where you live

- scary stalker dude ;-)

Dru said...

oh wat?! That picture seems like it's only aimed at guys and not girls.. are guys really THAT horny.. oh wait.. LOLs yes :3

California Shy Guy said...

hilarious pic - i shows you how progressive our society has become, when schools can post this kind of stuff.