Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Power Rangers!

These two weeks have been crazy busy and it doesn't help that daylight savings has been upsetting my sleep schedule. Ive been awake by 6:30 and force myself to continue slumber only to be groggy at 7:45. Ugh

On Halloween my team dressed up as ... Zoo Animals! JK.
Check out the nonsense when we went to the office party

Cubicle Rangers:

Rangers arrive at the party at the Hollywood Cemetery:

Despite the open bar, I was very well behaved. I was able to get some needed dance on with the amazing DJ spinning good top 40 throw backs. Love. One of my coworkers said to me, "you dance like a Filipino! Don't worry, it's a compliment" I guess. I'd rather hear, you dance like a good dancer. LOL.

Chilling Rangers:

Took us too long to get this pose:

We got our weapons at the dollar store. The pink ranger's weapon doubled as a bubble wand!

Hungry Rangers:

Lady Gagas

Some other people from my company:

The winners of the costume contest:

It was one white guy dressed up as a tour guide holding that tour flag and a whole bunch of Asian people with Sars masks and SLR cameras following him. Very deserving win!

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