Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Playing Dress Up

I wonder what this woman is supposed to be for Halloween? She's obviously in costume because her outfit was ridiculous. Wait, both of them, the Yogurt lover AND the Uggs Sailor! Brilliant!

Alysia rewore her high school gogo dancer outfit. I wish I was more creative with my Halloween costumes in previous years. I want to wear my giraffe outfit again next year, but maybe I should try to think of other ideas.

I'm amused by this penguin chatting with the bee.

Dressing up at work. We had a costume fashion show. I did my giraffe strut, but the homemade Animal Crackers girl won the contest.

How is one so creative!?!

And of course my mom and dad... ridiculous:

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mich said...

hahaha love the folks!