Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October Recap - We Run LA

October was an exhausting month.
Doing random things like:

Walking the streets of WeHo with Roomies and Caitlin.

Going to BootieLA which was NOTHING compared to BootieSF. We all love booty, but my favorite booty will always be from San Francisco.

Went to a "Jeans Bar" where they have people help you select the perfect designer jean in a bar style fashion. "Yes I'd like to try the Kastil 31 waist thank you." But having stubby Asian legs means we need to hem them... at least 6 inches!

Enjoyed lots of breakfast like things with Roomies such as special donuts. Bacon donut was yuck, strawberry crumb cake donut was fantastic!

Extra large elaborate pancakes in togo boxes and our pretentious fedoras.

Gosh... i couldn't even eat 1/6 of it.

Enjoyed home-cooked meals with Sandy!
Sandy stayed with me for 3 weeks. It was so wonderful to have her company. I love being surrounded by people even though they make me drive them to a bike shop to ship their bike to Portland at 11:30. It was ladies night at the bike shop so I had to wait in the street :[. Sandy I want pictures from our Chinatown adventure!

These are the dipping sauces I made for Sandy's homemade Vietnamese food. So good!

Practiced flipcup at the office on a Friday night:

Spent time with my High school friend Alysia at interesting places that have board games! "I WIIIN!"


Vimesh said...

hey chris!!

U do eat a big portion of food and still remain thin..metabolism i guess

it must be a challenge to go to work and then go parties and sleep and go to gym....hahah

and do u read every comment on your post :) :)

letopho said...

@Vimesh Yup! I read every comment. Yeah my metabolism is very high.

Nom nom nom nom.

But I do drink hot water instead of coffee everyday. And I try to use the chin up bar I recently installed.