Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Compromising my Blog

With Crazy Aquarius admitting that he found my blog I realize there are a lot of things I want to write about because he is such a character. But as Debriefing the Boys puts it:

...every time I feel like sitting down to write something, which is often, I think about all the people who are reading it. And it's not that I'm becoming a more private person, or that the stakes are higher (for me). It's just that I don't feel like I'm in control of my story any longer. I always made calculated risks in what I wrote, because almost no story is JUST about me. There was always a slim chance that I'd offend somebody in real life. But lately, every time I make that calculation, it isn't worth the risk.


Anyway, if you're a new blogger starting out, my advice is this: NEVER reveal your identity. It'll be the death of your blog.
I guess letting you know who I am hasn't actually "killed my blog," but I know that I would be writing more interesting things if I was more anonymous. There is something about blogging that feels better than writing in a private diary. Your thoughts aren't thrown away into a book under your bed for no one to see when you blog. And I like knowing that my stories have some sort of value. Blogging liberates... this is my personal time.

So fuck it.

Crazy Aquarius asked me, "do you promise not to be scared if I tell you something?" This is how I responded, "NO! DONT TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" If someone is going to say, "promise not to be scared?" Don't you immediately go into panic room mode? I was prepared for the worst even though I insisted that he didn't say anything.... imagination ran wild: is he an alien? is he a long lost cousin? did he steal my underwear??????

As it turns out what he wanted to tell me was I remind him of his ex. Which wasn't scary at all. What was scary was that he told me that he really liked me. To this I responded, "NO! BAD!"

And with that he's been trying to set me up with his friends who he thinks I would adore based on how our stars and moons aligned.

Hmm. Sort of strange? Yeah. But the transparency is refreshing.


X said...

aw, haha. come to Jesus!! Aquarius-Jesus. You know you want to!

Gauss Jordan said...


This is why my icon is an eye - an "eyecon," get it? My ID steals from a fairly-popular region of mathematics, and I don't sign my name. Of course, if someone were to pay attention to me in-person, they may figure out who I am virtually.