Monday, November 9, 2009

A Mother's Concern

My mom forwarded me an email:

Please take notice of

If you are driving at night
and are attacked with eggs, do not operate the wiper and spray any
water. Because eggs mixed with water become milky and block your vision up
to 92.5% Then you are forced to stop at the road side and become a victim
of robbers

This is a new technique
used by robbers in Johor Bahru.

Please inform your
friends and relatives
Please take this

OMG! My mom is hilarious! First don't eat things made in China, now a note about a "new technique used by robbers!"



Thoughts: The Yellow lane does not mean loading, it means Asian Parking. In consideration of other drivers, pedestrians and stationary objects, the yellow parking lane is usually isolated from everyone else.

Thoughts: Today I had Indian curry... then I had Indian curry in the bathroom. Nom nom.

Thoughts: It's fun to give yourself a haircut.


Tofu said...

that email was lovely lol

weeqender LGBTQ Travel & Lifestyle Magazine said...

"Thoughts: Today I had Indian curry... then I had Indian curry in the bathroom. Nom nom."

Hilarious! And this almost always happens to everyone I know. Great blog!

I'll follow your blog from hereon.

Gauss Jordan said...

*sigh* I get emails like this from one of my aunts on occasion. The last one (I think) had something to do with watching for needles placed in vending machine coin returns by drug addicts.