Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Would Make a good Lesbian

I feel like a lot of the haircuts I get make me look a little lesbian. My roommate has clippers and I took the liberty of giving myself a haircut. I figure, I'm saving money... and a little unevenness is... charming(?).

My bangs are really intense right now... and though at times, I don't look like I've bathed, I feel a clean cut look is so boring.

Do you see the highlights? It's left over from my Giraffe Mohawk Sun-In i used for Halloween. No flat iron for this diva, my hair is straighter than most.

Should I go clean? I feel like people are used to the shaggy unkempt topho. Meh.

So much Letopho.. that's okay, it's GPOYW!!


dannie said...

its all up to you. if u want a change shorten the bangs :] i miss that hairstyle. my girl chopped it all off :[

the holla said...

chris i like it it's so cute!

Tofu said...

ehhh get it styled j or hk style at a salon or chop it all off!!