Monday, November 23, 2009

I Guess If You want to be Sexy, you Don't Smile with Teeth

My friend graciously found me a hair stylist that does house calls. In LA I don't know how to do "suberby things" like get a haircut, change my oil and shop at costco... so this house call was much appreciated.

I told the very attractive Asian hair stylist that he could what ever he wanted with my hair. He responded, "I don't want to waste your bangs, so I'm going to keep it and give you a very 'Mod' look." The result: Thick bangs, grown out faux hawk tail and clean sides. I stared at his tattoos and muscular arms as he cut away at my head.

"I have 3 cowlicks."
"I can work with cowlicks" he responded. We continued to make small talk and I found out that he used to be a stylist from San Jose. Awesome.

It was very rebellious to say the least. The response at work was really positive. I could also wear it up if I wanted to look taller:

And like dating ADD, I have hair style ADD and I tried something more adventurous: Curling my hair. Using butterfly clips I twisted my processed hair and left it in for 30 minutes too long.

The result: something 80's, something grungy, something border lining ugly and cool... but probably more ugly since the only one person at work said something while others ignored my cry for attention.

Thank you GeneticBoi for the awesome tutorial! I guess I left it in for too long and it wasn't as fluffy!

Tomorrow I'm gonna slick it back, like I did when I was in Chinatown. I'm thinking it would look good with a vest?

Cheers to not having boring spikes.


Will said...

Lookin good!

dannie said...

aw you make me miss my hair. love the new hair. work that permed giraffe hair!

Anh said...

<3 the hair babe!

Damien said...

What have LA done to you?! Pho, I LOVE your new hair style!

mich said...

you look cute.

Quan said...

OMG! it looks so good, AND your haircut is great!!! but if you want to maintain that style, it needs a lot of trimming on the sides to stay short! after a while, the curls will look good, and even now, it looks very good. I'm gonna actually get a loose perm so my hair will be professionally curly and not ghetto clips curl, but loose wave will be very korean-superstar-ish! Anyway, you're welcome, work that bangs!