Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Going Out on Tuesday

The Abbey - Nominated Best Gay Bar in the World by MTV's Logo
So how do they celebrate?

Free stoli from 9PM-Midnight. Happy Tuesday!

My friend took me to The Abbey, parking was a breeze and there was no line. It was crowded, but comfortable. I was surprised it wasn't more packed because of the free alcohol, but I guess it was a Tuesday I was introduced to some friends and surprise suprise they turned out to be folks I already knew from the bay. Ugh... let's continue to shrink the gay Asian world. The venue was crowded and of course there were needless muscley white go-go dancers. Blah... get out of the way... you pieces of meat!!

I had such a great time... bonded with some folks who worked in the same industry and planned a hotpot event with them. Got some numbers merely for networking and had a great buzz for the rest of the night.


After I had Pho in Korea Town. And I was so confused. Expecting to order in Vietnamese, I was interrupted by my friend who ordered Pho in KOREAN!!!!!!!!!

WTF. My people's food is being exploited!!

Did it taste different? Naw, it was still delicious and plenty of noodles were served, but I was still in shock when the only thing I can say in Vietnamese confidently was compromised because the waiter was the incorrect ethnicity. Blasphemy!!!!

But the thing is.. i think it would have been better as a Korean interpretation of Pho.... not some carbon copy... it could have used some Kim Chi or something. It's like plagiarizing. If you're going to copy the essay at least rearrange the words. Gosh.

Such a strange feeling.

I got home at 2AM and got to work at 8:50AM and jammed...

I am excited to come home this weekend and excited to see friends and family!!!

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Luuworld said...

haha that's funny. what's next, i wonder. nigerians serving banh xeo?